We are excited to inform you that our school has purchased a new emergency notification and rapid alert system to help improve and facilitate communication with our families. Parent Alert will allow us to send out communications via Text, Email, and Voice Messages for all type of events. These alerts can be used for many reasons but also it will provide us a fast efficient way to communicate with our families in case of an emergency. To ensure you are able to receive our alerts please text the keyword “START” to 22-383 from your mobile device. Any text alerts from our school will begin with “GSA Updates” and calls will show from 561-395-3011.

Note: Per Telephone Consumer Protection Act we have to provide all recipients the option to Opt Out of receiving our alerts. Anytime we send out a text alert you will see “Stop to End”. If you reply “Stop” you will no longer receive our text alerts regardless if we select you as a recipient.”