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Instructional and Support Staff

GSA’s teachers and staff have high qualifications, including a minimum Bachelor’s degree for K-8 PreK-11 from accredited universities for Quran/Arabic teachers. They also continuously enroll in degree programs to improve their knowledge and provide top-notch education.
Pre-K Teachers
Buthainah Kanaan
Pre-K 4 Teacher
This is Buthainah’s 6th year at GSA and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Care and Education from Florida Atlantic University and an Associates degree in Arts from Palm Beach State College.
Fariha Rohail
Pre-K 3 Teacher
This is Fariha’s 4th year at GSA, she holds Associates in Arts and also has an Early Childhood Education Certificate. She is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Neuroscience and Behavioral Science
Yara Elhasham
Pre-K 4 Teacher's Assistant
Tanya Rudenjak
Grade Prek-Teacher’s Assistant Tanya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies/Pre-Medical Studies and French and a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Art.
Elementary Teachers
Momena Islam
KG Teacher’s Assistant
Momena Islam a compassionate preschool educator with close to 5 years of experience teaching 3-5 year olds in classroom settings. She completed a BS in Social Work and is currently working at GSA as an assistant teacher.
Kheira Motii
KG Teacher’s Assistant & Elementary Islamic Studies Teacher
This is Kheira’s 16th year at GSA and she holds an Associate Degree in Early Childhood.
Najma Ali
Teacher’s Assistant
This is Najma’s 7th year at GSA she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Psychology and is the Kindergarten teacher’s assistant. She is also certified to teach Early Childhood.
Mona Khatib
Grade 1 Teacher
This is Mona’s 10th year with GSA, she holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Masters degree in Literature Education. She also has 2 Arabic Professional Development certificates for reading and vocabulary.
Siham Bekbichi
Grade 2 Teacher
This is Siham’s 7th year at GSA. She is a 2nd grade teacher and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from FIU and a Pre-school Teaching certificate from PBSC. She also has an associate degree in Commerce and Management.
Asmaa Makhoukhi
Grade 3 Teacher
This is Asmaa’s 7th year at GSA and she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Supervision and Management from Palm Beach State College and a postgraduate certificate in Education. She is also certified to teach Early Childhood and Elementary PreK-3 grade and also certified in Exceptional Student Education ESE K-12.
Adam Ziad
Grade 5 Teacher
This is Adam’s 8th year at GSA. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, a Master’s degree in Language Education, and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies.
Danna Elzagha
Grade 4 Teacher
This is Danna's 12th year at GSA, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and is certified to teach K-6.
Middle/High School Teachers
Ali Ittayem
Middle School Math Teacher
Ali is a GSA alumni and has kept his relationship with GSA since he graduated from 8th grade. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Mathematics at Florida Atlantic University and teaches Mathematics in middle school.
Jonathan Castelo
Middle/High School Math Teacher
Jonathan holds a B.A. in Math Education from FAU and has a passion for helping others learn math.
Ivonne Mohammad
Middle/High School Social Studies Teacher
Ivonne is an experienced educator, having taught at the college, middle school, and elementary levels. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Language Arts/English.
Awatif Yusuf
Middle/High School Science Teacher
This is Awatif’s first year at GSA she holds a Masters in Biochemistry(Gold medallist) and a double bachelors in Chemistry and Biochemistry.
Physical Education Teachers
Adrianne Gerken
P.E Teacher
Yassin Zraouli
Teacher’s Assistant
QAIS (Quran, Arabic & Islamic Studies) Teachers
Enas Abdalaal
Arabic Teacher Elementary School
Azza Kabil
Elementary Quran Teacher
Azza holds a Bachelor’s degree and has also has 15 years experience in teaching the Quran.
Nermeen Abdullah
Middle & High School Quran Teacher
Lahcen Abidi
Middle & High School Arabic Teacher
Lahcen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Linguistics and literature and an A.A. in Arabic literature. He also has a Baccalaureate Degree in Humanities, Arabic Studies, Arabic Pedagogy and a certificate in teaching Arabic.
L'Houcine Bouazzaoui Custodian

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