MashaAllah and Congratulations to our 7th and 8th grade Science Fair Winners!!!


1st Place – Yusuf Asad for “Sunscreens: Are Higher SPF’s Better for You?”

2nd Place – Ibrahim Naphakorn for “Do Plants Grow Better Under LED Light Bulbs or Sunlight?”

3rd Place – Ayah Elassadi for “Vital Signs”


1st Place – Anum Asad for “Perception vs. Reality”

2nd Place – Lara Darwish for ” Coffee, Tea and Coke Staining”

3rd Place – Sabrina Khan for “Disappearing Liquids”

Overall Winners:

1st Place – Anum Asad

2nd Place- Yusuf Asad

3rd Place- Lara Darwish