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Rubayet Khan

Scholarship for Mathematics Excellence

Rubayet Khan, a young member of our community, earned his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a graduate degree in Educational Technology from Florida Atlantic University at Boca Raton, Florida. After graduating, Rubayet began his teaching career at Garden of the Sahaba Academy in 2006 as a teacher of mathematics until 2009. During those three years he taught 40 percent of GSA students.

The Muslim community of Boca Raton suffered a loss when Rubayet returned to Allah at the young age of only thirty-three. Rubayet was an exemplary teacher and a role model to all our Muslim youth.

In his memory and his contribution to Mathematics and Islamic Education GSA has created the Rubayet Khan Mathematics Excellence Scholarship. All contributions will be used to fund Scholarships for students at GSA or in any similar manner as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Must have successfully completed 5th grade at GSA
  • Pre-registered to attend 6th grade at GSA
Evaluation Criteria
  • Grade of A in Math in all four – nine weeks in fifth grade
  • Two Faculty Recommendation(s)
  • Must score in the 90th percentile or above on the mathematics standardized test taken in the 4th nine week period of the academic year.
Scholarship Amount
  • $500 towards payment of GSA’s sixth grade annual tuition fee
Other – School Administration is responsible as follows:
  • Verification of school report cards for all 4 nine weeks.
  • Obtain one letter of recommendation from the 5th grade Mathematics teacher.
  • Obtain one letter of recommendation from the 5th grade Islamic Studies teacher.
  • Finalize scholarship recipient/s one week prior to the annual graduation date.
  • Announce the final selection at GSA’s annual graduation.
  • Apply full scholarship award towards annual tuition fee for the following academic year.

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