What is a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Parent Teacher Organization or PTO is a formal organization compromised of volunteer parents that work together with teachers and school staff to facilitate and develop parents participation in school activities. Participation in school activities and events can take many forms from volunteering time to donations. Studies have proven repeatedly that parental participation in their kids school can have a tremendous positive effect on the development of the student and their success rates.
Here, at the Garden of the Sahaba Academy, The PTO’s mission is to focus on building a strong foundation between the parents and the teachers and working together to provide the best academic and Islamic education for our children.

Interested in joining us?

Feel free to contact us below and let us know how you can help.  The fund goes to sponsor many projects (For example, wish list for teachers, family events, teacher appreciation weeks, etc.) All donations are tax-deductible.

Jazakum Allah Khairan! (May Allah Reward You for All Your Good Deeds!)

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