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Pre-School Programs

Pre-School (Pre-K) This is the entry point of the curriculum at GSA. The Pre-K student starts to study, acquire skills, and form attitudes from this level and then move on through the school. The individuality and abilities of the students are the guiding principles. Age-appropriate materials and tasks are provided in a caring and stimulating environment. Pre-K students are guided at their pace to acquire mastery mostly (at their level) in these major areas:

Motor Skill

Motor skills, coordination, perception, memory, puzzles, drama.

Communication Skills

Speaking, listening, writing, mimicking, expressing.


Pre-Reading Skills

Alphabet recognition(Arabic & English), writing, sounds, rhyming, singing, storytelling.

Math Skills

Object manipulation, shapes, numbers, puzzles, problem-solving.

Writing Skills

Letter formation, movement, coordination, creativity, expression, sharing.

Language Skills

Oral skills, listening, writing, drawing.

Physical/Science Skills

Things around us living and non-living

Socializing / Emotional Skills

Sharing, caring, awareness, interaction, greeting, courtesy.

Classrooms are equipped with activity centers that help to stimulate the students and allow them to explore.
The Pre-K classes strive to educate the “whole” child. Children learn by doing. Parents, teachers, developmental psychologists, and others who work with young children have always known this.

Instructional Program for

Pre K-3 and Pre K-4

Towards the end of the school year Pre K-4 students visit the KG class and share experiences of KG students under the guidance of the KG teacher about expectations and learning in Kindergarten. Pre K-4 parents are also invited to the event and encouraged to enroll their child in Kindergarten at GSA to ensure a smooth transition. Any family wishing to enroll in county public school is referred to contact their local elementary school and the school district website. Families wishing to choose another childcare center are recommended to contact Strong Minds for a participating quality program.
GSA purchased Frog Street Threes in 2019. Frog Street 3 is designed around the latest brain research, including 36 weeks of instruction designed specifically for three-year-olds. Activities are presented in nine thematic teaching guides. Additionally, the social and emotional component incorporates Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline.

GSA purchased Frog Street Curriculum in 2018.  Frog Street uses research-based principles of learning to deliver a comprehensive, sequential, integrated system of instructions organized into nine themes aligned to current Florida State Standards.  Additionally, Frog Street incorporates the work of Dr. Becky Bailey (Conscious Discipline) to provide daily routines that develop key social skills and emotional control.

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