Middle School Curriculum

Our middle school curriculum is an innovative holistic approach to learning. The team of teachers in middle school will be utilizing a thematic and integrated approach in order to incorporate Islam into every aspect of learning.
The 8th Grade Students are prepared to take Algebra 1 and US History in order to assure their success for High School. The 8th Grade students will receive High School credit for only these two courses that they will take in Middle School.
However, it does assist parents/guardians in securing help through the School District of Palm Beach County’s Department (SDPBC) of Exceptional Student Education (ESE), ONLY for students with speech and language impairment and deny the services for students with any other special need.  Speech and language therapy is provided by an independent speech pathologist. At The Garden of Sahaba Academy, we have a multiracial, ethnic and culturally diverse population of students and families, in which most of our students are bilingual and may need speech or language services. Therefore, GSA elects the right to only allow the speech and language resources provided from The School District of Palm Beach County ESE program.
Students in middle school will be prepared for high school spiritually connected to Allah swt and academically prepared for cognitive challenges.

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