Elementary Curriculum

In order to achieve our mission of high academic achievement, we have established an educational institution based on sound Islamic principles and supported by highly qualified leadership and staff. A custom curriculum has been created that reflects the needs of our students and incorporates state standards.
Moreover, the standards are designed to help the students face and solve/deal with the needs and demands of living in the 21st century. The curriculum comprises of the following subjects: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Arabic, Islamic and Qur’anic Studies and other electives.
The curriculum is implemented through a holistic approach that considers each student as an active learner and partner in the education process. The teachers are facilitators who encourage and challenge the students to meet and maintain high academic achievement. The objective is for the students to understand the concepts, and develop attitudes and skills in keeping with the spirit and teachings of Islam.


NOTE: Submission of scholarship awards letters to the school does not constitute registration of the student.

Application and Supporting Documents

Students will not be admitted to classes without the proper age verification, previous school records (report cards and behavior reports), and immunization records. Students with previous IEP reports will not be accepted due to us not being equipped with the recommended services and resources. The application form MUST be completed and signed by parents and submitted with the required documentation.
Along with the application, the following documents MUST also be required upon registering:

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