An academic transcript is a record of each credit course a student enrolled in from 9th to 11th grades at Garden of the Sahaba Academy. It lists the courses, titles, credits and grades earned. If you would like to request a transcript, please read the following information carefully:

The release of a transcript requires the signed authorization of the student, usually via the Transcript Request Form.

We do not currently offer electronic transcript services. Transcripts cannot be sent via email.

The cost of transcripts is as follows: For graduates the 1st transcript is free, the 2nd is $5 and after the second request each additional is $10. For current GSA High School students, there is no charge for transcripts requests.

Official transcripts can only be sent via mail. If an official transcript is sent directly to the student, it must remain in a sealed envelope. Unofficial transcripts can only be sent via mail or fax or picked up from the front office once you are notified.

Regardless of how ordered, transcripts cannot be provided immediately upon request. It takes approximately 3-5 business days to process transcript requests. During our busy periods, it can take up to 5-7 business days.

There is a limit of five (5) transcripts that may be requested at one time. If there is an extenuating circumstance which makes it necessary for you to receive more than 5 at one time, please contact the office at (561) 395-3011.

We are not permitted to provide transcript services to any current or former student who owes money to GSA. Please ensure that all holds have been cleared prior to requesting a transcript.

We cannot send transcripts from other institutions. If you have transfer credits, transcripts for those courses must be requested from the originating institution.

Students can submit transcripts in any if the following ways:

  • ONLINE: Students can submit online transcript requests via this link Transcript Request Form.
  • IN PERSON: Transcripts may be requested at the Registrar’s desk in the front office, during normal business hours.
  • BY MAIL: Students may request transcripts via mail using the form attached to this link Transcript Request Form. If you cannot access the form, include in a letter the information listed below. Mail your request to: Registrar’s Office, Garden of the Sahaba Academy, 3100 NW 5th Avenue, Boca Raton, FL 33431.
  • BY FAX: Students may request transcripts via fax using the Transcript Request Form. Include all information listed below to (561) 395-3029. Fax requests are handled in the same manner as mailed requests. They are not given any priority when processing.
  • BY EMAIL: Students may request transcripts by sending a scan of the Transcript Request Form to

Your transcript request must be in writing and should include:

  • Your name (or any former name your records may be under)
  • Your current address and phone number
  • Student ID number and/or social security number
  • Your status ie., Graduated, Withdrawn or Current.
  • Whether an official or unofficial transcript is to be sent
  • Where the transcript is to be sent
  • Any special handling instructions
  • If there is a deadline to be met, please make note of it; every effort will be made to honor it
  • Your signature (transcripts cannot be released without your signature)
  • Currently attending students should indicate if they wish requests to be held for current semester grades and/or posting of degree

Note: If you are requesting multiple transcripts to be sent to the same address, please use only one request form and mark the number you need.

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