Siham Bekbichi
Siham BekbichiPre-K3 Teacher
Sister Siham Bekbichi joined Garden of the Sahaba Academy in 2016.
Sister Siham holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from FIU as well as an Associate Degree in Commerce and Management.
Sister Siham holds a Pre-school Teaching Certificate.
Abeer Alsmadi
Abeer AlsmadiPre-K4 Teacher
Sister Abeer Alsmadi joined Garden of the Sahaba Academy in 2015.
Sister Abeer holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Yarmouk University in Jordan.
Sister Abeer holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education.
Fariha Rohail
Fariha RohailPre-K Teacher Assistant
Fariha Rohail joined Garden of the Sahaba in 2019.


Asmaa Makhoukhi
Asmaa MakhoukhiKindergarten
Sister Asmaa Makhoukhi joined Garden of Sahaba Academy in 2017.
Sister Asmaa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science with a concentration in Supervision and Management from Palm Beach State College and an Associate Degree in Business Administration/Art.
Completed the Florida Professional Teaching Certification Program and earned an Educator Preparation Institute Certificate from Broward College.
Najma Ali
Najma AliTeacher Assistant
Sister Najma Ali and joined Garden of Sahaba in 2016.
Sister Najma holds a Bachelor’s degree from Pakistan in Education and Psychology. Completed an Early Childhood certification. Completed the Child Care Training (DCF).
Gharad Shehadeh
Gharad ShehadehGrade 1 Teacher
Sister Gharad Shehadeh joined Garden of the Sahaba Academy in 2007.
Sister Gharad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with an ESOL endorsement from FAU.
Certified by the State of Florida.
Graduated from Al-Najah University in Palestine, with an Associate Degree in Islamic Education and Social Studies; Certified in Early Childhood Education from Arab Studies Society Jerusalem, Palestine.
Rema Ismail
Rema IsmailGrade 2 Teacher
Sister Rema Ismail joined Garden of the Sahaba in
Sister Rema holds a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Education with ESOL endorsement at Florida Atlantic University.
Certified to teach k-6th grade students.
Shahina Tabassum
Shahina TabassumGrade 3 Teacher
Sister Shahina Tabassum, joined Garden of the Sahaba Academy in 2020.
Kheira Motii
Kheira MotiiTeacher Assistant
Sister Kheira Motii joined Garden of the Sahaba in 2006.
Sister Kheira holds Associate Degree in Early Childhood from the Palm Beach State College (PBSC).
Danna Elzagha
Danna ElzaghaGrade 4 Teacher
Sister Danna Elzagha joined Garden of Sahaba Academy in 2010.
Sister Danna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.
Sister Danna holds Elementary Education K–6 certification.
Experienced in teaching multiple elementary grade levels.
Alissar Boukzam
Alissar BoukzamGrade 5 Teacher
Sister Alissar Bukzam, joined Garden of the Sahaba Academy in 2019.
Sister Alissar holds Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education.
Sister Alissar has more than 20 years of experience in teaching, planning and implementing academics, hands-on activities for children.
Buthainah Kanaan
Buthainah KanaanTeacher Assistant
Sister Buthainah Kanaan, joined Garden of the Sahaba Academy in 2016.
Sister Buthainah holds a Diploma in Interior Design and Associate’s degree in General Education.
Currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Education.


Rulla Najjar
Rulla NajjarGrade 6 Homeroom & Computer Science Teacher
Sister Rulla Najjar joined Garden of Sahaba Academy in 2019.
Sister Rulla holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunication and Networking from Florida International University (FIU).
Holds a Bachelor’s degree from IUST, majoring in Telecommunication Engineering.
Holds a CCNA certification for routing and switching.
Abir Lutfiyya
Abir LutfiyyaGrade 7 Homeroom & Math Teacher
Sister Abir Lutfiyya joined Garden of the Sahaba Academy in 2017.
Sister Abir holds a Bachelor’s’ Degree in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biochemistry and a minor in Biology from Florida Atlantic University (FAU)
Certified in both; Math and Science.
Taught Math and Science for Middle and High school students.
Fatima Zia
Fatima ZiaGrade 8 Homeroom & Middle Language Arts Teacher
Sister Fatima Zia joined Garden of Sahaba Academy in 2019.
Sister Fatima holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and a concentration in creative writing from University of South Florida (USF).
Sister Fatima is in transitioning into becoming a certified English teacher for grades sixth through twelfth.


Ivonne Mohammad
Ivonne MohammadHigh School Homeroom, High School English Teacher
Sister Ivonne Mohammad joined Garden of Sahaba in 2019.
Sister Ivonne is a Florida native who attended and graduated from the University of Miami (Bachelor’s degree in Language Arts/English). Further education includes extensive professional development and post-graduate course-work. Currently, Florida certified for grades 6-12.
Sister Ivonne is an experienced educator, she taught at the college, middle school, and elementary levels. She has been a teacher at Miami-Dade Community College working at the Language Lab as a teacher for students of other languages (ESOL); a fourth-grade teacher at a private school, and various public middle schools.
Julietta Ambroise
Julietta AmbroiseMiddle & High School Science Teacher
Ms Julietta Ambroise joined Garden of Sahaba in 2019.
Ms Julietta holds Bachelor’s in Middle Grade Science from Florida Atlantic University (FAU).
Ms Julietta taught science at various middle schools in south Florida.
Ali Jabir Abidalkareem
Ali Jabir AbidalkareemHigh School Math Teacher
Brother Ali Jabir Abidalkareem joined Garden of Sahaba in 2019.
Brother Ali holds two masters from Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering and Master of Science in Computer Networks.
Brother Ali taught Algebra II, Statistics and Probability, Advanced Topics and Calculus at various colleges.
Brother Ali is also an expert in computer hardware and software engineering.
Ali Erritouni
Ali ErritouniMiddle and High School Social Studies Teacher
Doctor Ali Erritouni known as Doctor.E) joined Garden of Sahaba in 2018.


Sheikh Mohamad Zahed
Sheikh Mohamad ZahedHigh School Quran Teacher
Sheikh Mohammed Zahed joined Garden of Sahaba in 2017.
Sheikh Mohammed holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sharia and Qiraat from Tripoli in Lebanon.
Sheikh Mohammed has been teaching the Noble Quran for sixteen years. In 2010, he received Ijaza in hifz of the whole Quran in the tenth Qiraat. He won awards in many international Quran competitions in hifth and recitation, including Morocco, Kuwait, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Russia.
Mona Khatib
Mona KhatibElementary Arabic Teacher
Sister Mona Al-Khatib joined Garden of Sahaba Academy in 2014.
Sister Mona holds Bachelor’s degree from Yarmouk University in Jordan.
Sister Mona received a certificate for two Arabic online classes.
Azza Kabil
Azza KabilElementary Quran Teacher
Sister Azza Kabil joined Garden of Sahaba Academy in 2019.
Sister Azza holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Halwan University in Egypt.
Sister Azza studied Tajweed with Sheikh Ayman Sweed and has 10 years of experience in teaching the Quran.
Lahcen Abidi
Lahcen AbidiMiddle & High School Arabic Teacher
Lahcen Abidi joined Garden of the Sahaba in 2019.

Holds a Bachelors degree in Arabic Linguistics and literature from Muhammed 1st University, Morocco.
-Arabic for All Training Program: Certificate in teaching Arabic a foreign language
-Arabic language instructor: to French speaking students and Design the Arabic program in AL-badeel Tarbawi High School.
-Instructor of Arabic as a second language and organize and oversee extra-curricular, cultural programs in dar alfatat (The student’s house).
-Writing stories, plays and cultural activation.

Adam Ziad
Adam ZiadMiddle & High School Islamic Studies Teacher
Brother Adam Ziad joined Garden of Sahaba in 2015.


Jodie Fraser
Jodie FraserEnrichment (Art) Teacher
Ms. Jodi Fraser joined Garden of Sahaba Academy in 2016.
Ms Jodi is a professional fine artist and art teacher with a fine arts degree from Parson’s School of Design. In addition to teaching all grade levels at GSA, Ms Jodi owns a studio (Art Party) in Ft. Lauderdale where she has been teaching art to children and adults since 2012.
Michael Gruskin
Michael GruskinPhysical Education Teacher
Mr. Michael Gruskin (known as coach Mike) joined Garden of Sahaba in 2019.
Coach Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree in sports and exercise science from the University of Central Florida.
Coach Mike is highly energetic and dedicate Physical Education Teacher with many years of experience.
Fatou K. Ndiaye
Fatou K. NdiayeBasketball Coach, Physical Education Teacher Assistant
Sister Fatou K Ndiaye joined Garden of Sahaba in 2019.
Sister Fatou is a professional basketball coach.
Specific areas of expertise: Basketball coach and mentoring young boys and girls.
* 1989-2005 Basketball Player, Coach, and Mentoring young boys and girls
* Tryout for the WNBA L.A Spark in 2005
* Participated in the WNBA summer League in Texas 2004
*Tryout for the Connecticut Sun in 2004
* Tryout for the Phoenix Mercury WNBA 2001
* Played for Las Palmas Spain basketball club 2003
* Played in the 2002 Basketball World Cup in China with the Senegal National team
* Tryout for the Phoenix Mercury WNBA 2001
* Member of the WursBurg professional team in Germany 1999-2001
* Played for the Dr foot Professional basketball club in Holland 1998-1999
* Member of the Jeanne d’Arc basketball club in Senegal 1989-1998
Bibiana Roncancio
Bibiana RoncancioLibrarian/Media Specialist
Sister Bibiana joined Garden of Sahaba in 2015.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. Certified Librarian.
Sheila D’Metayer
Sheila D’MetayerSchool Nurse
Sheila D’Metayer is the School Nurse and graduated from FIU with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Nursing. She is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner specializing in Adult Health Nursing and has been practicing nursing for over 25 years, mostly in critical care.

In those 25 years, she served 8 years in the United States Naval Reserves where she was honorably discharged as a Lieutenant. Her goal is to help promote the well-being, academic success, and lifelong achievement and health of all students.

Moustafa Ibrahim
Moustafa IbrahimFinance Officer/Marketing Team Lead
Br. Moustafa Ibrahim joined Garden of Sahaba in 2005.
He holds Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management and currently pursing an MBA, October 2020. Br. Moustafa is also Office Manager at the Islamic Center of Boca Raton (ICBR).


L'Houcine Bouazzaoui
L'Houcine BouazzaouiCustodian
Ali Mezher
Ali MezherCustodian

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