Graduate exemplary members of the American society


Garden of the Sahaba Academy (GSA) empowers students with sound Islamic principles, provides academic excellence, and fosters productive citizenship.


To achieve our vision, the following core values are implemented daily


We will:

  • Involve parents and the community to support student learning to build a school that is a hub for the community
  • Cultivate and maintain partnerships with students, parents, staff and the community
  • Engage with parents and the community to define our shared vision for how our school will evolve
  • Instill a sense of pride in our schools and community


We will:

  • Develop the capacity to forgive others and ourselves
  • Help and support each other
  • Celebrate the contributions of others
  • Promote a peaceful, caring and safe work environment
  • Demonstrate care and service to students, staff and the community


We will

  • Honour self and others through words and actions
  • Honour the rules of the class and the school
  • Treat everyone with dignity and courtesy
  • Value the contributions and efforts of everyone
  • Treat others as we want to be treated


We will:

  • Strive to become leaders necessary to realize educational excellence
  • Establish clear visions and work towards them as a team
  • Work in a purposeful and resourceful ways to learn and improve constantly
  • Pursue excellence, resolve differences in constructive ways
  • Embrace new ideas


We will:

  • Follow upon our words and promises
  • Contribute to the school and the community
  • Be trusted and depended upon to fulfill our obligations


We will

  • Be honest, internally and externally, privately and publicly, whether observed by other people or not
  • Be honest in words and actions
  • Remind ourselves that our actions are guided by the best interests of those we serve

Religious and Spiritual

• Ensure that our students will develop an appreciation and an understanding of the Islamic faith, values, and traditions by incorporating Islam in the curriculum.
• Seek and nurture outstanding faculty and staff.
• Maintain a safe, secure, clean and nurturing Islamic environment.
• Teach and inculcate values and traditions.


• Provide clarity to teachers, parents, and students on what knowledge and skills are required at each grade level.
• Cultivate a climate of high expectations for students, parents, and teachers in achieving a high standard of education
• Seek and nurture faculty and staff that
(1) work collaboratively to meet the needs of students;
(2) are engaged in continuous improvement of their professional practices
(3) reflect the culture and diversity of children and families served.
• Provide a high standard of education
• Evaluate students’ performance and provide timely feedback to parents


• Commend strong moral character.
• Recognize and celebrate students’ and adults’ efforts, improvements, and achievements.
• Honor commitments and accomplish them in a timely manner.
• Devote one’s self to the overall mission and have a positive impact on life.
• Become active in the local community.
• Work toward shared success and realize that we depend on each other.
• Develop community and leadership qualities.

Growing Spiritually & Academically

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