GSA’s COVID-19 Safety Guide for Parents

Prior to bringing your child on campus, please ensure 1) that your child’s vaccinations and/or health physicals are up to date; and, 2) you have submitted a Parental Acknowledgement, Waiver of Liability, and Assumption of Risk Agreement Related to COVID-19/Coronavirus.

GSA has implemented a variety of safety measures, based on CDC guidance, to help decrease the spread of COVID-19 on our campus.

Arrival to School

● Parents should conduct a health screening on his/her child prior to leaving thehouse.
● Keep your child(ren) home if sick.
● Screening forms will be sent out weekly (on a Sunday) and must be submitted (one per child) prior to the student coming to school the following school day.
● A student should not exit his/her vehicle until indicated to do so by a staff member.
● Students should be wearing masks.
● Temperature checks will be conducted on all students upon arrival on campus.
● Non-contact methods of greetings will be enforced.
● Students should sanitize their hands as they walk into the building and/or classrooms.
● Students should walk 6 ft apart from one another.


● Students should walk 6 ft apart from one another.
● Masks should be worn while walking in the hallways.
● Hallway traffic will be one way with directions visibly posted.


● Students should sanitize their hands each time they enter the classroom.
● At the teacher’s discretion, students will have their ownsanitizer to use at their desk. They will be reminded to use it throughout the day in addition to washing their hands.
● Class sizes are limited and desks are 6 ft apart from each other and facing the same direction.
● Each child’s belongings will be kept separate from others.
● The sharing of electronic devices, books, toys, games, and learning aids will be avoided (students should have their own supplies).
● Minimal student traffic in the classroom.
● Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected at least 3 times during the school day.


● Students should sanitize or wash their hands prior to eating.
● Students will be seated 6 ft apart from each other.
● Students should open their own lunches and clean up after themselves.
● No sharing of food allowed between students.
● Masks are put back on after eating.
● Students should sanitize or wash their hands afterwards.
● Tables will be wiped down and/or disinfected afterwards.


● No water fountain usage. Students should bring their own water.
● When students are outside, they are to remain 6 ft apart.
● No sharing of sports equipment.
● Masks must remain on during recess.


● Student traffic to the Nurse is limited.
● Teachers will be provided with a first aid kit to treat minor injuries.
● The clinic will be staffed daily by a Registered Nurse (RN).
● Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be worn by the RN for treatment or screening (as appropriate).
● Those entering the clinic must wear a face covering, unless medically contraindicated.
● Enhanced sanitation will occur after each student visit.
● An Isolation Room (separate from the clinic) will be available for any student exhibiting signs of COVID-19.
● Students will be sent home if he/she is showing any signs of COVID-19.
● If a student is confirmed positive for COVID-19, the Health Department will be notified and contact tracing will be conducted by the Health Department. In consultation with the Health Department, a decision will be made regarding which individuals should quarantine and for how many days.
● Students who test positive or who are sent home to quarantine due to exposure will be able to attend classes virtually.
● Students who are sent home after testing positive for COVID-19 and/or having been exposed to someone with COVID-19 will have to comply with the CDC/Florida Department of Education guidelines on when to return to school.

The following measures will also be enforced:

● Washing hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds (an alcohol- based hand
sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol may be used if hands are not visibly dirty).
● Cover coughs and sneeze using a tissue or your upper arm. Used tissues should be discarded in the trash, followed by hand washing.
● Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
● Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
● Students should carry an extra mask in their backpack.
● Teachers will have extra masks for students.
● Teachers will also be provided with face shields and gloves.
● COVID-19 Safety/Informational signs will be posted in prominent locations throughout the school.
● Close communal spaces. Use when possible and clean/disinfect between use.
● Visitors will be limited to those essential to the operations of GSA.
● Frequent cleaning of high touched surfaces and areas.
● Classes will include the same groups of children each day. No mixing between groups.
● Student confidentiality will be maintained at all times.