Please keep in mind the following timeline pertaining to the Coronavirus

● You can come into contact with the Coronavirus and not have any symptoms for up to 5
days. During this time, you can give the virus to others.
● 5 -7 days, you may have a cough and/or nasal congestion
● 7 – 10 days, fever
● By the 14th day, shortness of breath – pneumonia (may need to be hospitalized).

One of the major concerns with COVID-19 is that it spreads very quickly. Anyone who
becomes infected with the COVID-19 can easily infect anyone that they come in contact with
(person-to-person). It may be possible that one can get the virus if they come in contact with a
surface or object that has the virus on it and then touch their eyes, nose, or mouth.

In response to COVID-19, GSA is and will remain in a state of prevention and preparation.
In the next coming days, the students will be given a demonstration on how easily germs can
spread (using Glo Germ and UV Black Light); and, the importance of proper handwashing and
taking other preventive actions.

The administrative staff and teachers at GSA will continue to take any and every precaution,
within our disposal, to keep everyone safe. We will provide updates, as needed, regarding
cancellation of events and/or school. We urge everyone to take preventive actions to keep
themselves, their families safe, and others safe.